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Welcome to MathGyM International, K-12 Mathematics Teaching and Tutoring Training site! Where mathematics is both fun and effective. We are Mathematics Learning Experts, where the emphasis is excellence in mathematics education. Math Gym International understands that Mathematics is an Universal language well-suited for any cultural or ethnic background, where people from all cultures, ethnic backgrounds or religious beliefs, all come to learn the Subject Matter of Mathematics so that their children be the best in mathematics at school or college. It is our desire and main goal at MathGym International to understand your goals, to empower you with insight and knowledge, and to help you make an informed decision about the most optimal path to achieve your educational goals. Consider MathGym International staff, coaches, mentors, trainers and professors your advocate, as we want to make sure you choose a program that will help you accomplish your goals.

Get Mentally Fit in Mathematics at MathGyM Through Our winning Methodology!

MathGyM International is a place which features “brain and mental conditioning trainers, mentors and coaches” and “personal and small group trainers and professors” who will help students get the math knowledge, competencies and skills necessary to excel in Mathematics. Moreover, Math Gym promotes healthy math habits, while building intellectual and emotional stamina among all our students. At MathGyM we believe in drawing a clear analogy between a superior well designed and implemented physical work out to get fit, with MathGym’s Program for getting more healthy and in shape; with optimal mental, intellectual and brain conditioning needed to develop and maintain superior “athletic level” mathematical skills and expertise to help you succeed.

MathGyM International provides a unique teaching methodology that helps students catch up, get ahead, and get to the next levels of expertise and excellence in math, while making the subject, interesting, fun and engaging. Our team is committed to helping students grow their interest, participation and confidence in math and prepare them for a successful college education and career in any of the fields that require strong math skills, such as careers in: technology, business, accounting, sociology, finance, Physics, medical, manufacturing, science, and biology, among many others.

Math Gym International will gladly provide a dynamic, an engaging, collaborative and fun environment where you are sure to find the appropriate expert help on some of the prerequisite, core or honors courses at your school:

  • (a) If you are having challenges in any of your classes and are in need of expert help to significantly improve, or

  • (b) If you are already doing good and you feel that you need to get to the next levels of excellence in math achievement.


Qualified instructors that love mathematics and statistics and enjoy teaching and tutoring students of all ages (K -12 and College) are available at the center (for one on one tutoring and for small group classes) or at the convenience of your home (for private tutoring) to assist students during their weekly visits.

Three short initial assessments are given to each student, The first assessment is to determine the type of learner the student is. Whether he/she is Auditory, Verbal, Read/Write or Kinesthetic Learner or some combination of them. The second assessment is a self-assessment test, and the third and last is an actual subject matter short, but well designed test.

The purpose of these three short assessment tests is threefold namely (a) to Identify the student’s learning style(s), (b) to quantify self-perception of the various needs for improvement and degrees of strengths in specific areas of the subject matter, and (c) to determine how well the student performs in an actual test of the subject matter in order to appropriately place him/her at the correct course and level.

Once we identified (all three assessments under 1.5 hours!) the subject area(s) and sub-areas the student needs help with, categorized by degree of importance and need. We proceed to custom tailor the student’s training/learning plan and defining the most effective learning path and most suitable teaching strategies for maximized learning & retention.

Upon enrolling, the student receives,appropriate worksheets with professionally prepared subject matter materials, both printed and soft-copy course materials created for each student..These worksheets and subject matter course materials contain all the theory, Lots of Guided Examples, Detailed explained Exercises and lots of practice Exercises and problems…Hands-on Practice Makes the Master!

What we offer

  • We also, offer one-on-one tutoring, and small group teaching, for Pre-K, K-12 grade levels.