First Class: - Coding: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Levels of the following programming languages:

Python Python Python Python Python Python
Java Java Java Java Java Java
Scratch Scratch Scratch Scratch Scratch Scratch
C/C++ C/C++ C/C++ C/C++ C/C++ C/C++
With applications and focuses in:

What do students do?
Students learn to code in three programming languages simultaneously by learning side-by-side the syntax and the Data Structures of 10+ programming languages - Java, Python, MIT’s SCRATCH, SQL, C/C++, Java Script/HTML/CSS and R. Starting with the first 3.

Topics Covered:

How do our young programmers and scientists accomplish learning to code?
Students learn to code by completing, modifying and running many times and commenting the code of various projects or modules while receiving explanations, teaching and help from the class instructors! Furthermore, the students complete a series of projects of increasing levels of complexity, each of which have their own levels and in-class hands-on activities. Also, there are numerous self-tests, quizzes, and reviews and activities that allow the increase of retention and maximization of learning!

How is the class dynamic?
Students are separated according to age and grade level and they need not to have programming experience! And unlike other coding camps, we customize, and personalize our lessons so that our students focus on one project or module at a time that is at his/her specific level!! Thus, maximizing learning and retention and making learning a fun experience!

Thereafter, students move comfortably as quickly as they are able to learn well the lessons taught in that particular module or project they are currently working on. Therefore, students can move from SCRATCH to Python and then to Java and to other languages as quickly as they are ready! Also, students perform and complete similar or identical projects in the other 7 programming languages!