We are an alternative to the YMCAs day care program. What differentiate us, and set us appart is that every day of the week Monday through Friday we offer instead of kids being in a day care facility.; your kids will enjoy the fun of growth and learning in a true enrichment program!
For instance, Every day of the week your kids will attend very fun enrichment classes, such as:

✓Theater and Drama
✓Choir & Voice
✓Bollywood and
✓Modern Dance
✓Coding (Adv. Scratch, Python, Java, etc.)
✓Creative Mathematics
✓Flag Football
✓Golf and much more!
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Fragment of a Testimonial from a Parent
The program is phenomenal! In fact it is the best I have ever seen provided by anyone! Both in quality and delivery of content and cost-effectiveness! For example, the cost for YMCA for 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 days is huge! Like me, many working parents feel that they are wasting a lot of money on YMCA for no benefit other than day care at YMCA! All of the working parents I talked to dozens of them! wish that there were a path to consider this enrichment program STEAMMCS designed and run by Franco H. Xavier Reyes as a default after-care option for Oak students instead of YMCA! My kids have attended many programs provided by YMCA and while their flyers are fancy, yet it is nothing more than a day care facility; kids need more than a day-care for their development if they are spending 3-4 hours a day everyday there! I highly recommend this incredible and highly acclaimed STEM+ARTS+MUSIC+CODING+SPORTS = STEAMMCS Comprehensive Interdisciplinary Enrichment Program that Dr. Franco Reyes created since several years ago (including Spring and Winter Breaks and Summer Camps and NOW AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM AT OAK!). That implemented so well at Oak in an after school program! I recommend Dr. Reyes’ program to anyone who wants their kids to have the best quality enrichment and cost-effectivefun program.

✓ Fun filled environment
✓ Daily enrichment activities
✓ Focus on overall individual development
✓ Professional teachers
✓ Hands-On, Practical and Age appropriate activities
✓ Your opinion matters! - Tailored to fit your needs!
Parents are welcome to suggest courses!

• Summer Break Camp: 6/11/18– 8/10/18. @YCIS: 310 Easy St, Mountain View, CA 94043.
• August 2018: Monday 21st - Wednesday 30th
• September 2018 - December 13 2018
• January 2019- June 12 2019
THEN, August 2019-December 2019, etc.

We accept payments via PayPal, or simply pay in person by visiting me at Oak in room 6, 20 or 25.